Weekly What’s Up – September 28th, 2017


Weekly What’s Up – September 28th, 2017



Book Fair – October 9th – 13th

We are just over a week away from our Book Fair.  I received an email yesterday saying the book fair materials had shipped and we should be receiving them soon. If you want to help out, please make sure you sign up to work at our volunteer sign up page located at Signup Genius.  Your help during the book fair will make it a success.

Athletics Concessions

We have been making progress with our concession sales.  Two home games down and I think we have the hang of it.  The kids and parents are coming to expect our snacks at the games and appreciate it.  If you’d like to sign up to work the concession stand, visit the Signup Genius page.  We’d love to have you.

Leadership positions open

I have a couple positions open on the board if you are interested in serving.  If so, please contact me at nwmspta@gmail.com.

Membership up 44% from previous years, tell your friends

Our membership has already exceeded that of the last 5 years and we are growing every day.  In fact, we have already had a 44% increase over last year.  However, our membership still doesn’t even represent 10% of the school, so there is much room to grow.  I looked at the member benefits tonight I was quite surprised with the discounts offered by Great Wolf Lodge (50% off in November) and the Tacoma Dome.  Let your friends know about the great benefits of the PTA and get them to sign up as well. They can do so simply on our website at nwmspta.org.  Your $10 buys a membership with North Whidbey PTA, Washington State PTA and the National PTA.  It’s like I keep saying, the membership is a benefit for you, the member to use.  It doesn’t come with strings attached or a service commitment.  The worst thing I am going to do is add you to our email list so you know what’s going on and what opportunities are out there.  If you deleted your username and password used to access membership benefits, please email me at nwmspta@gmail.com and I can resend it to you.

Connect with us

Since you are receiving this email, you are already connected with us, but if you haven’t already, like and follow us on Facebook at http://facebook.com/NorthWhidbeyPTA.  Share this email with your friends who may not be connected.  Let them know about what is going on.  Anyone can subscribe to us on our website nwmspta.org.  There is a popup, or an area located to the right where you can subscribe.  Enter a name and email, and that’s it, you are subscribed.  Email is our primary communication.  You can alway contact us at nwmpta@gmail.com if you have any questions, or ever need anything.

A community of parent organizations

Finally, I am working to try and connect other parent organizations in the area.  You will often see things shared on our Website and Facebook page encouraging our audience to join events at the other schools in the area.  This allows us to work together to benefit not only our kids but all of our community’s youth.  For some parents, we will all be working together as students move up through the grades.  Why not foster that relationship early.  We can be a stronger team if we all work together.

Thanks for your time,
David Guy
PTA President