April 2019 Minutes

Call to Order: 4:03, Present: David Guy and Bill Weinsheimer

Treasury Report: Checking Balance is 2,703.23

Outstanding Expenditures – Need second signature on checks
Whidbey Weekly Advertising – $82.25
David Guy – Checks, forms, stamps and new bank stuff – $80.65
WA State PTA -$8.00

Upcoming Expenditures – Not committed yet
Movie Pass – $187.00, ($417 by September 1)
Buses for 8th grade field trips – amount unknown, standing by for more info
Apparel replenishment purchase – $1,100

Upcoming income
Socials – none
Fundraisers – Potentially a Krispy Kreme fundraiser – Alli

District Parents Advisory Council Report: – no report

Principal’s Report:

8th grade celebrations are coming up – Looking for parents to lead that.  Bill is going to talk with Noelle about the process so she can start working on it.

Busses for Field trip to base. (8th graders for CNATTU). – Interested to see if PTA can help financially to pay for busses.  More info to come.

President’s Report:

Status of organization – This year, volunteers have been scarce.  The board members are spread thin trying to do everything and some things have had to be skipped or turned down.  However, PTA was able to donate $1,000 to the school this year, and fulfilled many teacher wish lists with Scholastic Dollars earned by the two book fairs.  We had a highly successful Holiday Bazaar that brought the school and community together and set the stage for years to come.

Board Members for next year.  Nominations are being accepted for all 4 board positions.  

Old Business:

Book Fair – Complete last month – David is supposed to get paperwork to Keri so a check can be written and the book fair can be closed out.

Movie Pass: PTA was asked to help purchase a movie pass for use by the school, ASB and PTA through the year.  Alli did some research on it and found that the cost is $417 each year. PTA could get a prorated pass for this year for $187 if we agree to purchase the pass for next year by September 1st.  Since a quorum was not reached at the meeting, this was put to a vote online of all paid members. The motion passed by a vote of 16 to 4 of those that responded.

New Business:

Apparel – Our single largest fundraiser (profit) is the Spirit Wear T-shirts and Hoodies.  We must be ready to fill each and every order during registration. David did an inventory of PE Clothes and Spirit Wear.  Some of the small and large sizes are either low or out. David worked a list of necessary items to purchase before registration day in August.  The total cost is $1,100. From experience, people are less likely to backorder or pre-order something than if they can take it with them that day.  This is one of very few opportunities for us to engage with parents. Registration day basically sets NWMSPTA up for the rest of the year. The $1,100 spent now to replenish the stock will be doubled as profit on day 1 of registration.  Since a quorum was not reached at the meeting, this was put to a vote online of all paid members. The motion passed by a vote of 19 to 1 of those that responded.

PE Clothes – As of 2019, PTA is losing $0.96 on every pair of PE shorts we sell.  Beginning with the 2019/20 school year, PE clothes prices will be raised from $7.00 ($6.44 plus tax) per piece to $8.00 ($7.36 plus tax) per piece  At this rate, we will still loose $0.04 on Shorts, but will make it up on shirts.. This will take effect on July 1, 2019.

Membership price – There is a proposal to increase Membership dues by National PTA.  If that happens, we would immediately have to increase our dues to compensate for the change.  Currently the portions are as follows. National PTA $2.25, Washington State $5.75, NWMS PTA $2.00 for a total of $10.00.  Membership dues are not used as a fundraiser, the fees are used to pay for the administrative fees of running the organization, such as paper, printing, bank fees etc.  Specifically the proposed increase is $1.50 to the National level. The updated proposed change date is September 1, 2019. The following is the link to the article on the proposed change:  https://www.wastatepta.org/update-proposed-national-pta-dues-increase/.

Upcoming Events

8th Grade Dance – Historically, the 8th grade dance is run by a committee of parents along with Leadership.  PTA supports with volunteers and financially, along with donating any unused concession items which will expire prior to the beginning of the next school year.  A proposal was presented to donate all unused concession items which would expire before next school year as well as $250 to the committee for use during the 8th grade dance.  Since a quorum was not reached during the meeting, this motion was put to an online vote of all paid members. The motion was passed by a vote of 19 to 1 of those that responded.

Floor open for comments – None

Adjourn 4:14 (physical meeting, voting was continued online until 11:59 pm on Friday April 12th)

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