Why Should You Join?
The number one reason to join the North Whidbey Middle School Parent Teacher Association (NWMS PTA) is your child.  Research shows that when parents get involved at school, their children do better. Grades climb, self-esteem grows, schools improve. By supporting your PTA, you give your school resources to enrich your child’s education.  Your dues directly help the students at NWMS. 

What Does Our PTA Do?

  • Cultural Events,  the PTA supports this annual event,
  • Student Social Events, including the Honors Ice Cream Social, PTA/ASB Fall/Winter Socials, and the 8th Grade Dance,
  • Math, Language Arts, and Science programs, the PTA supports events these departments put on throughout the year,
  • After school activities, such Color Fun Run and Family Movie Nights,
  • Support our teachers and staff, such as Staff Appreciation and assisting with Classroom Wish Lists.

Be part of the PTA to show you care about enhancing your child’s experience at NWMS.

Will I Have to Volunteer?

You do not have to volunteer to be a part of the PTA!
Your donations through membership dues and fundraisers are used to benefit every child.  However, many parents find they feel more connected to the school community when they volunteer.  For you, that may mean volunteering one hour a year or one hour a week.  The PTA is run completely by parent volunteers, so if you would like to explore ways you can help, contact the volunteer coordinator via e-mail at
nwmspta@gmail.com. Volunteer opportunities are listed at the end of the monthly school newsletter.

Who Can Join and What Does it Cost?
Membership is $10 per person.  If you and your spouse both join, you’d pay $20.  Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles and other relatives can join, too.  Show your support by encouraging your family to get involved in your child’s education!

What if I Still Have Questions?
Please feel free to email us at our board at nwmspta@gmail.com. We are happy to help!

Join Us Today!